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Makise / Oct 23, 2015
Hey people! We gladly want to announce that our website is up once more!

We give you our apologies in case you wanted to check it in past week but we had some technical problems and our more sincere gratefulness to our dear friend & brother G-5t4r for making it possible. Be free to participate in our forums again or just for saying "HI".

NexuShiro [ Inactive ] / Sep 28, 2015
Urban Terror Testers Wanted

To help speed up new releases of Urban Terror FrozenSand Team want gamers test Open Betas and Pre-releases of the game!

If you find bugs in this Release Candidate please report them on their Github issues tracker.

There are multiple changes that you may or may not like, some are:
New gametype: Gun Game, new gear menus , new weapons: ( FR-F1, P90, Magnum, Benelli ), added silent ladder walking ( Finally ), added support for choosing no primary weapon and more.

For more information visit Urban Terror forums

Don't forget to install this version in a new folder. DO NOT install it over Urban Terror 4.2 or any other version!

Lets contribute for a better Urban Terror future.
Arshi19 / Jan 11, 2015
The Cup has begun with 14 participating teams from all over the world. The race is on to become the best Sr8 Team.

How the Cup will work:

* There are two groups A & B with 7 teams in each. The top 4 teams from each group will qualify for the Quarter-finals. The Final is expected to be played in Mid-February.

Basic Rules:

*Auth is mandatory in every match or Teams get -1 point.
*7 players can be available during a match-5 playing-2 in sub.
*Teams can add players to their roster(24hrs before the match), only if, they have less than 10 players.

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